Willow City Loop

willowcityloopapril2012 9.jpg

Just past Johnson City and to the North is the entrance to a Thomas Kinkaid work of art.  If you're a fan of Kinkaid's work, you'll know just what I'm talking about.  

If you've ever watched the movie Brigadoon and wanted to be transported to a land where TV and time has forgotten and lush beauty surrounds you with every step, Spring is the time to venture out to the Hill Country.

Ok, I may be slightly overselling this Roadtrip, but at its essence, I felt like time had forgotten this little 13 mile loop.  The majority of it runs through private lands and you are not allowed to park your car.  It's best to have a driver that can slowly drive the car through the loop and if you're inclined to take photos they can idle the car while you shoot -- I was hanging out the window at my waist for most of the loop. 

Getting here from Austin. 

Heading west on Hwy 290 past Dripping Springs and Henly.

Continue on to dead-end at Hwy 281 and turn Right (North).  Pass right on by Johnson City and a few miles further, take a left onto 1323. Follow this until you hit Willow City. Take a right to enter the loop