The Hill Country's Dirty Little Secret

Researching was the first step to making our transition. I was investigating states, regions and cities long before we finally pulled the trigger and decided to move from gloomy Seattle to the sunny suburb of Austin, Dripping Springs.

I spent hundreds of dollars purchasing books lik Places Rated Almanac and Best Places to Raise your Family.  Each was valuable and provided real data about many of the places we were considering.  I spent 100’s of hours cruising the internet highway, reading personal blogs and forum postings hoping to gain a better sense of what it was really like to live in each of these places.

I missed or ignored one piece of information that probably wouldn’t have changed our final decision, but this one piece of information has severely affected me and my husband.  The first year, we just thought we had a really bad, really long cold.  The second year, we finally got a clue and discovered that Austin (and the Texas Hill Country) is plagued with allergens.  Cedar Fever is the one you hear about most and Claritin 12D is in most people’s medicine cabinet to fight it off, unless they are on prescription drugs to better manage the onslaught.

Cedar Fever, for me, shows itself by applying enormous pressure in my temples, making me dizzy and finally forces me to lie down and sleep. Not something most employers want to be seeing on the job. Sneezing, runny nose, scratchy eyes…all of the common symptoms.  Claritin 12D manages my symptoms pretty well, but my husband has mixed results and may go onto prescription meds this season.

I keep Claritin in the glove box of my car and in a drawer at the office so it’s handy.

The kids haven’t really been affected by the allergies and I hope it stays that way.  Folks have told me that when you first move into the area you might not feel the affects for several years and then progressively the allergies present and get worse.

So, if you’re in Austin or the Hill Country and you feel like you’re coming down with a cold, think again.  It could very well be that you’ve be caught in the net of Cedar Fever.