Kerrville, Texas

I've got to be honest with you, I was expecting to arrive in Kerrville and find a charming historic downtown area, bustling with artisan shops, handmade furniture and cowboy apparel -- so many people had told me how wonderful Kerrville is.

We drove around for awhile and then finally parked and searched on foot. We found a nice little downtown area with one or two blocks of historic buildings and shops. For whatever reason, on the weekend we came many were closed.

Kerrville is definitely worth a visit, but it's for different reasons than many people expect. Instead of a slew of quaint downtown shops beckoning you in for a visit, Kerrville offers the Museum of Western Art. This is located across the river and less than a mile away [Highway 16 to Highway 173 (Bandera Highway) then 1/2 mile on the right]. The docents here are what make this museum a treasure. If you will allow them to guide you, they might walk you through the process of making a hand cast bronze statue -- or they may tell you about the current exhibit on loan and the family it belongs to.

They had a great exhibit for younger museum goers with an interactive tale of one family's travels westward on the wagon train. A pioneer child's diary is used to tell the story, relating how much weight they were allowed to bring, and what they had to leave behind. Your teens might find this exhibit juvenile. My 10 year old loved it.