Kyle, Texas

Kyle Watertower

Kyle Watertower


Texas Pie Company. 202 W. Center, Phone: 512-268-5885

Pies and baked goods since 1991. They serve lunch (salads, sandwiches and casseroles) all day. They can also provide catering.

Their slogan: Life's Short. Eat More Pie.

Texas Pie Company

Texas Pie Company

Real estate boom

This place grew up fast. What was once a quaint little town sitting politely next to IH-35 has become a boisterous teenager that is sprouting faster than my son goes through basetball shoes. Kyle is within a nice drive into Austin which makes it a prime location for commuting. My gut tells me they are growing too fast, too quickly.

The main historic area of Kyle remains small-town and quaint, although a little lifeless. Large shopping centers nearby seemed to have taken the retail out of the downtown.

They are bulldozing and building everywhere. Houses are small, cramped together and going for "cheap" but prices have been moving up quickly. I worry about the schools and infrastructure not able to keep up with the population explosion. Beware buying in Kyle -- it feels like a glut is coming. They are touted as being the 39th fastest growing county in the nation.

I pulled these stats below off the of the Kyle City Data website.

  • 2001: 586 buildings, average cost: $74,700
  • 2002: 871 buildings, average cost: $73,200
  • 2003: 945 buildings, average cost: $73,200
  • 2004: 1247 buildings, average cost: $80,000
  • 2005: 967 buildings, average cost: $144,400

Look at those housing costs skyrocket. Because of the high affordability, there are a lot of investors that went in and now Kyle is becoming a rental community. Not a good formula for pride in homeownership and stability.



The Inn Above Onion Creek. 4444 Hwy 150 W. (512) 268-1617. Yeah Baby! A beautiful retreat close to Austin. 19th century architecture built in the 21st century. The Inn sits on 100 acres on Onion Creek. You can mountain bike (byob), hike, swim and end your day with a sit on the deck to gaze at the beautiful sunsets, leading into the pitch dark nights with millions of stars to take in.